vinyl video

vinyl video are moving images pressed on LP records.

curator Gebhard Sengmüller requests our collaboration on
the vv07 edition. We produce ten videos with different themes.

music selection by paul paulun.
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
1997-12 visomat 1.9.3 video visomat inc. BERLIN
1998-02 hard:edged video / live hard:edged berlin
1998-03 chain reaction Installation wmf BERLIN
1998-08 vinyl video picture disk G.Sengmüller Vienna
1999-10 berlin club video 1 festival visomat inc. BERLIN
2000-08 Star of Ignorance installation Expo Hannover
2000-09 filiale für erinnerung installation kammerspiele hamburg
2000-11 www.visomat website visomat inc. worldwide