Black Noise

Black Noise is the title of the latest album of Pantha du Prince. In cooperation with the musician we are creating the visuals for the live tour.
The visuals are based on an oil painting of the bavarian mountain Watzmann that is also used on the cover of the album.
The destructive power of nature is juxtaposed with the deceptive beauty of the mountain in the painting.
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2012-02 Panasonic Convention Installation Vitamin-E Hamburg
2009-07 Pulse Interface installation biotronik Berlin
2005-02 raw data Installation SAP, Transmediale berlin
2006-08 salon noir concert dictaphone BERLIN
2005-04 scape labelnight installation scape berlin
2001-03 slide show video shift! BERLIN
2003-05 slot cars cctv Installation visomat inc. berlin
2000-08 Star of Ignorance installation Expo Hannover