Bunte Schokowelt

The famous chocolate producer Ritter Sport has a new flagshipstore in Berlin for which Vitamin E asked us to design the exhibition.
The visitor is taken through the whole manufacturing process from the raw cocoa bean to the finished product. We use Video, images and sound from the original factory to transform the atmosphere.

Sound Design: Tob Jona
Graphics: Andreas Töpfer, Agata Kurecki
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2008-09 Grand Stand 2 Publication Frame Amsterdam
2006-04 back issue Publication Frame worldwide
1998-08 vinyl video picture disk G.Sengmüller Vienna
2011-03 Surface Refinement installation Gaite Lyrique Paris
2005-08 Archive Constitution Installation garage festival Stralsund
2004-08 Automaten Installation garage festival Stralsund
1998-02 hard:edged video / live hard:edged berlin
2011-05 Forscherwelt installation Henkel Düsseldorf