Surface Refinement

Inspired by the structuralist reliefs and ornamental facades in GDR architecture we present the installation "Surface Refinement / Cinder Block" at Gaite Lyrique. The sculpture is a projection surface for a video mapping which breaks the geometry and order of the blocks into different variations.

Video and Software: telematique
Sound Design: Tob Jona
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2008-09 Grand Stand 2 Publication Frame Amsterdam
2006-04 back issue Publication Frame worldwide
1998-08 vinyl video picture disk G.Sengmüller Vienna
2011-03 Surface Refinement installation Gaite Lyrique Paris
2005-08 Archive Constitution Installation garage festival Stralsund
2004-08 Automaten Installation garage festival Stralsund
1998-02 hard:edged video / live hard:edged berlin
2011-05 Forscherwelt installation Henkel Düsseldorf