With our partners from wonderlabz we are developing, designing and implementing an activity room for children aged 5-10. Here, the contractor henkel offers the children the chance to encounter different natural phaenomena and to conduct experiments. In addition to this experimental aspect the room offers space for play, recreation and interaction.
The concept aims to create an atmosphere in which children feel comfortable and to present them with the best external conditions for playful learning.
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2006-01 M12 Public Space visomat inc. BERLIN
1999-10 berlin club video 1 festival visomat inc. BERLIN
2001-08 berlin club video 2 festival visomat inc. Berlin
2004-02 belgradeyard soundsystem video / live Club Transmediale BERLIN
2001-03 slide show video shift! BERLIN
1998-02 hard:edged video / live hard:edged berlin
2004-01 Technic Year 2004 Installation MEDIA CONSULTA BERLIN
2003-05 slot cars cctv Installation visomat inc. berlin