slide show

Anonymous pictures (photographs and slides collected from flea-
markets and junkshops) found by the curators were the starting point and inspiration for prose, lyrics by selected writers.

based on that we create a video for the latest issue of shift!

music: K.Hackenberger, S.Haeussler
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2000-08 Star of Ignorance installation Expo Hannover
2007-10 italian tour 2007 concert ludovico einaudi italy
2001-10 asciivision installation ZKM Karlsruhe
2005-09 TV stassfurt installation shrinking cities leipzig
2003-11 grand opening flash animation mini international munich
2004-11 züri parker game mini international munich
2004-04 Automaten Installation emaf osnabrück
2011-03 Surface Refinement installation Gaite Lyrique Paris