slide show

Anonymous pictures (photographs and slides collected from flea-
markets and junkshops) found by the curators were the starting point and inspiration for prose, lyrics by selected writers.

based on that we create a video for the latest issue of shift!

music: K.Hackenberger, S.Haeussler
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2006-01 M12 Public Space visomat inc. BERLIN
1999-10 berlin club video 1 festival visomat inc. BERLIN
2001-08 berlin club video 2 festival visomat inc. Berlin
2004-02 belgradeyard soundsystem video / live Club Transmediale BERLIN
2001-03 slide show video shift! BERLIN
1998-02 hard:edged video / live hard:edged berlin
2004-01 Technic Year 2004 Installation MEDIA CONSULTA BERLIN
2003-05 slot cars cctv Installation visomat inc. berlin