at the regular drum´n´bass
parties hard:edged in the wmf
we play live visuals on
our self-designed installation.

"The combination of first rate sound and visual technology rendered hard:edged the most unique and stimulating addition that the Berlin drum´n´bass
scene had yet to see."

A documentary is available.
hifi-vhs / 60 min.
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2011-03 Surface Refinement installation Gaite Lyrique Paris
2008-05 Tartane Restaurant visomat inc. BERLIN
2004-01 Technic Year 2004 Installation MEDIA CONSULTA BERLIN
2006-10 tres logos Publication die gestalten worldwide
2005-09 TV stassfurt installation shrinking cities leipzig
1998-08 vinyl video picture disk G.Sengmüller Vienna
1997-12 visomat 1.9.3 video visomat inc. BERLIN
2007-05 vj lab Installation nokia/ radar media bochum