The interior furnishings for the temporary showroom of berliner klamotten are composed of Halbzeug modules:
a display to present T-shirts, a bench and a dynamic structure that leads from the floor to the ceiling.

Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2001-09 beethoven remix installation bundesgartenschau potsdam
2004-02 belgradeyard soundsystem video / live Club Transmediale BERLIN
1999-10 berlin club video 1 festival visomat inc. BERLIN
2001-08 berlin club video 2 festival visomat inc. Berlin
2002-09 bewegte bilder video dag berlin
2006-03 bildmusik festival visomat inc. berlin
2010-04 Black Noise video / live Pantha du Prince various
2007-09 BLOGHOUSE Fair stand Vitamin-E, IFA BERLIN