Rhetorics of Surveillance -
[ctrl]space exhibition at
Zentrum für Medienkunst.

We build a video wall to monitor media art. The video signal from the surveillance cameras is transformed into ascii code, which is used to compose the images.
Nummer Titel Art Kunde Region
2001-10 asciivision installation ZKM Karlsruhe
1998-03 chain reaction Installation wmf BERLIN
2001-06 kanzleramt video viva 2 cologne
2010-09 zdf neo Fair stand Vitamin-E, ZDF BERLIN
2008-08 cubus Installation Vitamin-E, IFA BERLIN
2007-09 BLOGHOUSE Fair stand Vitamin-E, IFA BERLIN
2012-02 Panasonic Convention Installation Vitamin-E Hamburg
2004-06 DIN AV DVD visomat inc. / scape worldwide